Steve got in touch to ask if I would photograph his surprise proposal to Thomas.  This was the first time I'd been asked to photograph a proposal and when I heard Steve's plans, I was delighted to have been picked to photograph such a thoughtful and special one.

His plans were Hollywood rom-com worthy!  Steve had last minute changes made to Thomas's rota, created an elaborate cover story for Thomas to meet him in Central London, and organised friends and family from across the country and even France to join in...all without any suspicion from Thomas!

Steve gathered all their family and friends for drinks and a briefing before walking to the National Portrait Gallery where Thomas thought he was meeting Steve for afternoon tea.  Everyone was buzzing, so happy and excited to be part of the big surprise.


In small groups, everyone took a strategic position at different points, ready on Thomas’s way out, to point him in the right direction to find Steve.


Thomas arrived at the restaurant to an empty table and then a surprise appearance from Steve’s sister and nephew.  Presenting him with Steve’s laptop and pressing play on an incredible video that Steve had lovingly created, with a short video from all their closest friends and family.  

(I'm currently on a little castaway island in Indonesia with limited Wifi, but will add some snippets from the video when I'm back to a speedy connection!  Prepare to wish you were Thomas!)

Leaving the laptop, Thomas left the restaurant to see his parents and Steve’s waiting excitedly at the top of the stairs and pointing him down, at each level another group of friends and family until reaching the bottom and racing out the door, rushing to the spot where they met on their first date.

Thomas could not get to Steve quick enough, literally stopping traffic as he raced across to Cambridge Circus not waiting for the red light to stop it!  I was more than a little nervous as I took this photograph!


It was incredible to photograph the proposal.  Both Steve and Thomas were totally absorbed in each other and the moment, despite being surrounded by people and buses, nothing else existed.


Thomas very quickly said yes, and one of my favourite moments was when Steve revealed another layer to his grand proposal, that I was photographing the whole thing.  I just had to include the sequence of his reactions!

You know you've found the right husband when you are wearing matching suede shoes and stripy socks completely unplanned.


After a few photos together (that Thomas actually knew were being taken), I followed them back to the National Portrait Gallery restaurant where their family and friends were excitedly waiting for them.


What a way to propose and celebrate!  So thoughtful, personal and full of love.  Steve definitely earned a back seat in the wedding planning!  I’m already counting down the days until their wedding in September.

I’m hoping that this is the first of many proposals that I’ll photograph.  The bar has been set very high!



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